Want to Host a Class?

NON-live fire Classroom Training and live-fire outdoor Courses
Tactical Insider has made HOSTING simple.

Just follow these easy steps and Sawman will be at your door in no time!

It is really simple, we have a “flat rate” to be paid in full at time of scheduling OR start spreading the word that you want to host a class. Contact us for a tentative date and once you get about 10 people committed then please contact us again. We will confirm dates, privately open registration and ask that those 10 people get registered within 14 days of opening registration. Afterwards we will open your class to the public and help you market via FB event, newsletters, social media, flyers, etc.

Arizona Local? Out of State? No problem! You are invited to HOST any training class. Please make note that the minimum number of students may change with locations.

Hard Target 3-6 Hour
Red Dawn Response
SafeGuard for ladies
Exclusive Private Training


Name and contact information
Please specify WHICH class(s) you would like to host. Sawman will be happy to teach multiple classes while he is there. Example: Hard Target Friday night and then Red Dawn Response on Saturday and Sunday.

Are you an individual with private land wanting to host Red Dawn Response? Simply, if you are comfortable “shooting” on your property with no concerns….then so will Tactical Insider
Are you a business that would like to host classroom training? Are you a corporation and would like options as well? Looking for sponsorship opportunities?

Please provide the location in which you will be hosting this event

Class date(s) wanted?
Please provide any additional information that Tactical Insider may need to better help you during scheduling

CLASSROOM TRAINING (Flat Rate or Per Person – amount to be discussed):

Maximum group size is 20 per class (unless special arrangements have been made in advance).
Projector? Screen? We will discuss “needs” when scheduling
3-6 hour HT classes available
Contact Shelley Hill for details

RED DAWN RESPONSE (Flat Rate or Per Person at $495 and $410 for alumni/LEO/Military):

Maximum group size is 20 per class (unless special arrangements have been made in advance)
Attention RDR hosts. Since Sawman will be traveling you will be responsible for:

Tac Med kit
Targeting System of your choice (1 for each student)
Providing an “assistant” that will follow Sawman’s lead and replicate his efforts when we are 16-20 students deep. This can be an experienced student.
Contact Shelley Hill or Tactical Insider for details


Weekday training can be achieved much sooner than weekends.
Rain or shine
Host is FREE (x 1)
If registration is an option, and has been discussed in advance, this will be listed at the BOTTOM PAGE of the class that you are hosting (TI website). Scroll down to locate the “hosts” name/logo & click BUY NOW for payment OR you can set up your own registration system. Either way, information of class payment will be listed.

When applicable, Tactical Insider will provide a TI Craig “Sawman” Sawyer Facebook Event and a Constant Contact flyer for you to use as marketing tools in emails and social media outlets.
CORPORATE TRAINING? Tactical Insider offers corporate rates and a seminar style training for your company’s valued employees! This Hard Target class can be customized to fit your tight schedule. Contact us to discuss

Please contact Tactical Insider regarding details on HOSTING a class. Your email will be returned within 48 hours
[email protected]
[email protected]