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“I’m far from done, but I’ve lived an extraordinary life, already – not because I’m special, but because I simply dared to go for my dreams, again and again. If I can do it, you can, too!

I’ve endured more hardship than I ever would have dared to estimate, burying far too many of my friends, teammates and family. But falling apart does no good, so I press on. If I can, you can, too!

My father was a devout and sincere spiritual man, singularly focused on living out his mission on earth to help people. That was a powerful observation for me to make and it continues to shape the man I strive to become, every single day of my life. He was entirely selfless, yet he mattered tremendously to thousands, or even tens of thousands. Now there’s an epiphany to consider.

I learned to read people very quickly for character and what really makes them tick by overhearing my parents counsel people when they came, desperate for help with shattered lives. Funny how people get real when it finally matters most and they know time is short. I should have 2 Masters degrees in psychology, just from hearing so many counseling sessions when people no longer had the luxury of BS – a priceless education for me, even as a child.

I’ve been betrayed, won various sports, racing and fighting championships, lost those closest to me, traveled extensively to 55 countries around the globe, learned dozens of professions, studied at several universities, been in covert agencies and units I’ll never talk about, enjoyed great triumphs, I’ve hunted the most violent men on earth and defended the most peaceful, worked in film & television, raised 2 fantastic kids, loved, lost, won, been a rock drummer, married my gorgeous “laughing buddy”, achieved, blown it, learned, endured sickness, injury, enjoyed great health, fitness, rescued endangered animals in Africa from poachers, been ripped off, helped take down crooked high-ranking government officials, been humiliated, praised, misrepresented, crashed helicopters, been blessed and helped out by people for reasons that weren’t always readily apparent.

I’ve personally seen the inside workings of numerous companies, first hand, and learned from insider case studies of many of the most successful corporations on earth. I’ve gained much understanding from high-ranking officials I protected closely, or otherwise befriended. I find that I usually have some genuine and sincere observations to share with just about any group. I’m not a cheerleader, but I do encourage people. I’m not a motivational speaker, but I do like to motivate good people in a genuine way from my real-world experiences. My siblings and I grew up in a home with real love by a great set of parents who were like newlyweds for 60 years.

I’m not an overly-polished, canned, or contrived public speaker. What I do have is exceptional life lessons to share with genuine sincerity. If you choose to bring me to come speak, I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.”
~Craig “Sawman” Sawyer


Some Previous Topics: 
“The REAL meaning of Manhood”, “Teamwork SEAL Team Style”, “Leadership at Any Level”, “How to Communicate Effectively”, “Inspiration and How to Matter”, “Problem Solving for Management Teams”, “Veterans Day Tribute”…

Clients have included: 
Abrams Aerospace
​Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene (500)
Raytheon (200)
Louisiana Tech University (1200 students and faculty)
U.S. Customs & Border Enforcement Agents & Execs

Cross Rams Football Team
Federal Law Enforcement Management Team

​Oro Valley Dolphins Football Teams and Families
Concert For Hope Fundraising Event

LA Tech University Football Team
Numerous Tactical Instruction courses for military, law enforcement and civilians
Numerous film, television and news appearances

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